Season's Bounty

I haven't been around too much lately. Summer's craziness has hit, and my days have been more than full. Want a peek at what's been keeping me so busy??

I wonder how it is possible that before this I had never been wild blueberry picking in my life. SO much fun, and though labour intensive, the rewards are amazing. 

Though small, these little beauty's are PACKED full of flavour. Such a treasure for the freezer!

My beans didn't do so well this year, so a nearby friend offered to let me come pick from her sizeable path. These were just half of them!

Yes, I was snapping for a very. long. time. 

I was grateful to have a decent cauliflower crop from my garden this year. We love steamed broccoli and cauliflower together, and this was a lovely addition to our freezer stash of Summery goodness.

My cucumbers are late this year, and this was my first, very small batch of pickles. The garden is beckoning me this morning, and as soon as Leana is awake, we will venture outdoors to pick more of these. 

Last, but not least, these are a promise of things to come later this week. These are some of the juiciest, sweetest peaches I've ever eaten, and we will be getting a case on these on Thursday, and hopefully a case of apricots. Let the serious canning begin!

I'll be popping in again before too long. Tomorrow holds a very exciting event in our family!

Happy Summer from our family to yours!


  1. I love wild blueberries! We have them growing in many places here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

  2. Beautiful family picture! And you made me curious about your exciting event :).


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