Leana's Birthday Party

Per tradition, (two times makes a tradition, right?) Leana's friend Nada and her had a birthday party together. These two were born right around 36 hours apart and have been inseparable friends since they were old enough to care. Living within a few blocks of each other makes their interactions quite frequent.

This year, I was in charge of the toddler desserts, and Nada's mom, Amanda, was in charge of the "adult" dessert. I chose ice-cream cupcakes, just cuz they are cute, easy, and so very, very kid-friendly. Leana had fun helping me decorate these.

We won't share with you how much chocolate icing, sprinkles, and candy topping were consumed while decorating these. Perfect Mommy/Daughter secret. ;-)

After supper, Leana got dressed up in her Chinese costume we bought when she was baby, just exactly for this occasion. Why Chinese? I don't know. It was cute, reasonably priced, and available. Whatever the reasons long ago, we didn't regret them, and Leana literally glowed in her "new" outfit all evening as the total girl that she is.

Joel also felt the need to get dressed up the shirt he bought in Ghana, West Africa long before we knew each other. I offered to get my Mexican outfit on to complete the ensemble, but ended up just sticking with what I had on. ;-)

These two really, really love each other. 

She knew just what to do with those candles. She begged over and over for them to be re-lit, and ended up blowing out enough to last her several more years. What are birthdays for anyway, but to have fun!

Nada's delight in the candles was not quite equal to Leana's, but she still managed to get them blown out. 

I think it's pretty safe to say she enjoyed the cake. ;-)

I didn't get any pictures of the present opening, because I was, in true party spirit, enjoying opening the gifts with my daughter. Seeing her eyes shine, and the excitement bubble forth from her little life was so heart-warming.

The next day she got to fully enjoy some of her new presents. I sure was glad I had bought extra-washable markers, because she had them ALL over! Oh my, the delights, and chores of toddler-hood!

I love this little girl from the depths of my heart. Though I'll be the first one to admit that parenting is MUCH harder than I ever dreamed, it also brings much more joy than I ever imagined. To stop and actually ponder that this child is a soul that will live for ever and ever, and will some day, Lord willing, be an adult on an equal level with myself is nearly more than I can process some time.

By God's grace, even on those tough days, I want her to know that she is more important to me than the longest to-do list imaginable,  and that I value time with her entering her little world. We all look forward to a wonderful new year together with this little person, growing, learning, and exploring this big ole' world!!


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