Happy Birthday, Leana!

Two years ago on this very evening, I was cuddling a fresh, newborn, petite little girl. I remember the wonder that caught at my heart as I gazed into the serene eyes of my firstborn. Amazed at the gift of life. That she was mine. That I was finally 'grown-up' enough to have a baby.

Now we have a spunky little two-year-old filling our house with bustle, laughs, noise, and an ever increasing curiosity in life.  Her energy is boundless, and I sometimes wish I could have just half-of it. Thankfully, she sleeps as hard as she plays, and gives mommy a few hours a day to catch her breath. :-)

This Summer has opened up a whole new world to her. Outside. One of her best buddies lives just a stone's throw away, and these two spend hours of nearly every day together. Their favorite things include popsicles, the sandbox, pushing the toy stroller madly from one end of the house to the other, and picking fresh snacks from the garden.

I don't know what they would do without each other. 

This Summer, Leana fully comprehended the significance of "THE Aunties." We have seen my family quite a bit these past several months, and that fact, coupled with Leana's age and increasing memory has forever endeared them in her heart. In her little mind, aunties mean fun, play, and endless attention.

In her solitary play time, this tea-set becomes her nearly constant companion. Given by a friend just a few months ago, it has already seen hours and hours of love and abuse. ;-) She's not the most gentle with it, but so far there have been no catastrophes, and the enjoyment she's getting out of it is worth the risk of it prematurely breaking. 

Her Daddy remains her favorite person. I'm already having to race to the door to beat her to the first kiss. He is her world, her hero, her love, her playmate, and her friend. The world is a brighter place when Daddy is home, and when the days stretch out too long without him, she begs me to call him on the phone. When she sees a picture of him on the fridge or computer, she waves hi with all her strength and blows kisses.

One thing I love about their relationship is that they simply delight in each others company doing the simplest things. There is nothing more special to Leana being by his side re-organizing his tools while working on a project, or hopping in the car for a trip to the neighbour's or the hardware store. I agree with her that he is a pretty special guy! :-D

Two years ago I never would have dreamed that in those first 12 months we would be traveling thousands of miles with her for two majorly invasive surgeries. Of the faith that would be built in our own lives through it, and the deep love it would instill in our hearts for our little miracle.

We thank God every day for our little girl, and pray that He would give us wisdom to train her to love Jesus early, and with her whole heart. Our responsibility is great, but thankfully, we serve a pretty big God!

We love you, Leana Rachelle!


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