A Room Transformed

Since our wedding day, almost three years ago now, I have been gradually working on making our little house a home. Transforming the white walled, white linoleumed mobile home has had it's challenges, including that of being unsure how much to put into it, knowing it is not a permanent home for us. 

All that said, paint is something I can do, and have done, despite the time consuming challenge of colouring these types of walls. Despite the remaining white flooring, painting has made a huge difference, and with some throw rugs here and there, has turned it into something very homey feeling. 

Last weekend Joel had to leave for three days for some work related training, and I took the opportunity to tackle a long desired project. Leana's room. It's been the only major room I haven't done anything with yet, and had become that catch-all place for every thing that didn't really have a good home. To even call it Leana's room was a stretch. The only thing in there belonging to her was her crib! Her changing table and hang up clothes were in our bedroom, and her dresser clothes in the guest room. It badly needing changing. 

So, armed with a couple paintbrushes, two colours of paint, and a hefty dose of motivation, I dove headfirst into the project. 

First, a few before pictures. 

From this angle, you would never even guess my almost two-year-old sleeps here! Looks like a sewing room...

And there's her poor little bed, stuffed in the corner, under that towering mountain of craft and sewing supplies. (Don't worry, the shelves are very sturdy and stable.)

And finally, the bookcase that had nowhere else to go, and the closet stuffed with more sewing supplies, bedding, and all the misc household stuff that has no better home. ;-)

I was too busy painting and running after a little girl to take any "in-progress" pictures, but here are the almost final results. I'd still like to put a quote on the wall above Leana's crib, and hang some curtains and pictures, but it will be a bit yet until that gets accomplished. 

Tada! Her changing table is now in an acceptable position, with all the necessary bum-changing equipment above and close at hand. 

A few little Hudson memos are tucked in as well. 

The "totally-doesn't-match" rocking chair outfitted with Leana's crib quilt. :-) We can't be quite perfect now, can we. ;-) I love the contrast of her white bed against the chocolate brown and pink walls, though. 

And finally, her own dresser, in her own room, with her very own clothes. No longer am I running to three separate rooms in the house to accomplish her morning routine of waking up and getting changed and dressed.

The before seen bookcase is now in our room which is now completely devoid of Leana's things. There should be no logical reason now why she has to hang out in our room, getting into everything that she's not supposed to. :-)

So, there's a peek into my last weekend. I've had sadly little time to write much lately.... Oh, Summer, with all it's outside glory and busyness! :-)


  1. Nicely done, Andrea! I like the contrast of the white with the brown and pink, too.

  2. Beautiful job. It's amazing what a new coat of paint will do to a room. I enjoy your blog updates, Andrea!

  3. so nice and cozy and girlie!!! I love the brown and pink combination!! :)


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