My Personal Ray of Sunshine

I thought I knew what cold was before moving to Canada. While WI held it's fair share of snow storms, subzero temps, and slick roads, my true initiation to what Manitoba was capable of came last year. At that point, I couldn't see how a winter could get more miserable... Then along came 2014 to prove that it could get much worse. Much worse. It was the coldest winter recorded here in 116 years. To say that it was very, very long is a bit of an understatement. 

When the last of the snow finally melted behind our house on May 10th, I celebrated by swatting my first three mosquitos. I kid you not. Totally not impressive.

Notwithstanding, I was overjoyed at the warming rays of sunshine, and the elation at finally seeing Spring arrive was not limited just to myself. I think this cold weather that spans the course of 7-8 months up here is hardest on the children. How is the world do you keep an 18-month old entertained inside for that length of time? I still have yet to find a suitable answer to that question. 

Leana was completely enthralled with the idea that the ban of going outside other than quickly into a waiting and warmed up van had been lifted. Watching her discover the outdoors for the first time has been so fun. Her pink boots found their way into the puddles while the snow was still drifted high around. Funny how you never have to teach children to find water. ;-)

Spring pretty much missed us entirely, and already the days feel borderline Summerish. The gardens are planted, the last bits of school are being finished, and these mud puddle pictures are a thing of the past. 

Nevertheless, looking back on these pictures makes me smile and give thanks. Even in the middle of that longing to hold my newborn son, I am so profoundly thankful for my own personal ray of sunshine in the middle of a very stormy time. She keeps me busy, on my toes, and adds a sparkle to life that would be sadly missing now if it were not for her cheery presence. Little by little, I'm learning to cherish every moment that God gives.... 


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