Well, "tomorrow" turned into over a week. My apologies for not updating sooner. From the time Leana was released until now has been  one continually whirlwind, and here, four days after we return home, life has finally slowed down enough to relax a little bit.

Leana was released on Saturday, a mere two days after her surgery! Praise the Lord! Her epidural came out about 24 hours after the operation, and like we suspected, she was much happier without it. Still, by that afternoon, she would start wailing every single time someone strange stepped into the room. Even if it was just a nurse to check a monitor. Understandably, 99% of the strangers she saw during that time did something scary or painful to her. It was SUCH a relief to all of us to leave that hospital!!

Two of Leana's main nurses. The one on the left was her main RN, and the one
on the right, the nurse practioner that monitored Leana's overall progress, and did
some of the more technical things like removing drain tubes, stitches, etc. Both were AMAZING! 
Leaving for hopefully the last time!
From there on out, we were able to enjoy our trip. I don't think either of us realized how stressful the surgery was going to be, and once it was behind us, we were finally able to relax. We enjoyed the hospitality of some friends for the weekend, then early Monday morning left to catch the 8:00 ferry to Vancouver Island. Butchart Gardens was first on our itinerary.

Boarding the ferry

So happy to be a family again!

We loved traveling through all these islands on the ocean

Butchart Gardens was more gorgeous than we ever could have dreamed. I hesitate to even share pictures, because they hardly scratch the surface and do even a tiny bit of justice. The place is truly a work of art, and quite worthy to be a national attraction. :-)

That evening we headed to the city of Victoria where we spent the night. That night and the entire next day we spent just wandering through all the little shops, touring the parliament buildings, trying all sorts of unique foods, enjoying a boat tour, watching street performers, and just enjoying each other. The stress literally rolled right off of us, and we throughly enjoyed our time!

Victoria Parliament. I truly enjoyed learning more about Canadian history! 

He will pose with you if you throw money in his bucket. And yes, Leana was
terrified of him!

We enjoyed an anniversary dessert at the famous Empress Hotel. This was called
"Empressive Sundae" and it completely lived up to it's name. Truly a work of art!

The H20 ferry we took around the harbour. 

Beautiful view of the harbour at night!

Celebrating TWO years!!
Tuesday evening we headed back to the mainland, and Wednesday morning Leana had her follow-up appointment. All checked out well, and we were given clearance to return home!

Can't say enough good about Connie! She has the gift of making you feel so
special and cared for! She is in the right job for sure!
And finally, Leana's surgeon, Dr. Sanjiv Ghandi. He did a WONDERFUL job
both times with Leana, and we are so grateful for his care and expertise!

So, we are home now, and have been frantically trying to catch up with lawn and garden work. This time of year is SO busy! I can't say how long it will be until I post again - most likely this fall once the canning and freezing has slowed down. 

Thank you to each of you that prayed again for our little girl!


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