Vancouver-Bound Again

In just a few hours, we again board a plane to take our little girl to Vancouver for surgery. It's hard to believe it was almost 6 months ago that she underwent her heart surgery. She has recovered SO well, and in her follow-up exams, the Dr's say that her patch looks perfect. We praise the Lord for such clear answers to pray.

In some of her follow-up chest x-rays after her surgery, another birth abnormality was found - something called a vascular ring. It may or may not cause problems in the future, but as a precaution, her surgeon would like to fix it.

That surgery is scheduled for Thursday, and we would appreciate you lifting up Leana and the surgeons during that time! Though this is not nearly as serious of a surgery, our hearts are still hurting at the thought of Leana having to go through anything more. A speedy recovery and not much pain is what we are really longing for!

We're hoping to also have some good, memory-making times as well. We are coming up on our second anniversary next week, and plan to do some special things while in the Canadian Rockies. I'm sure my camera will be very busy!


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