Another Surgery Day's Experiences

Because Leana's case was the less major of the two surgeries her surgeon performed yesterday, it was second, being scheduled for noon. In ways it gave us a more relaxing morning, but was also more challenging because of having many more waking hours to keep Leana happy while fasting. 

Stress built as her surgery was delayed and delayed, but we sensed prayers strongly as Leana did amazingly well despite having not eaten anything for 18 hours. She finally went in close to 3:00.

Her surgery went without any complications, and we were able to see her in recovery room about 2-1/2 hours later. She did not have to go to ICU this time, which was a huge plus. She was awake when we saw her, and a little sad, but soon fell back asleep. As it was going to be 90 minutes before she went to her ward, the nurses suggested we go for supper as she was resting well. This was nice in a small way, but I found it hard to relax, wondering if Leana was awake and needing me.

My suspicious were confirmed when we got to her room to find an inconsolable baby that had been screaming for 20 minutes. She calmed down immediately when I got there, but I felt so, SO bad that I not been there for her when she needed me. Situations like this are tough - there are definitely times when you need to step out, but it's always a guessing game when is the appropriate time to leave and how quickly to rush it. 

The rest of the evening was pretty good for her, but around 10:00 she starting reacting to some of the pain meds. I guess a common side effect is very itchy skin, and it's hit her hard - especially in her eyes. Poor baby - she didn't sleep from midnight to around 7:00am, while I tried everything I could think of to help her, and the nurse juggled meds trying to make her comfortable. 

There are no words to describe the helplessness I felt. Watching your baby suffer so much, combined with physical and emotional exhaustion made me feel nearly as needy as her. It was a good reminder to me of my need for God's grace, not just when I feel I desperately need it, but all the time!

This morning she's been amazingly alert and active, despite her lack of sleep. She's still suffering with her itchy eyes, but has been sitting up in bed and playing with toys. SO much different than her heart surgery. All that said, this incision cut a lot more muscle that her heart surgery, and will be a more painful recovery. She's had an epidural block up until now, which will be coming out shortly. It should help her itchiness, but I think she will also be a lot more sore.

The doctors are optimistic that she will be released tomorrow. That would be wonderful! Her stroller will become invaluable after that time. We are tentatively planning on traveling to Victoria for our anniversary, (ferry ride away) and she likes nothing better when she is not feeling well than to be pushed around and see things. It's a double bonus that it reclines for sleeping and is literally her home away from home! Nothing could be more ideal than our location, weather, and the time slot between her release and follow-up appointment. 

I'll try and update again tomorrow. 

Pre-op and tomorrow's surgery

It was a strange feeling to again walk into BC Chilldren's Hospital today, stop to get our cup of coffee at Second Cup, and then proceed into the waiting room of the heart centre only to find the same nurses at the counter.  The main nurse's eyes lit up when she saw us, and as she came over to give me a warm hug and say hello, I was again amazed at the quality, personal care this hospital offers. 

Though today was still a long ordeal test-wise, it went so much smoother than last time. We were more comfortable with things, didn't have long wait times at lab and chest x-ray, and didn't have to go through tours, etc. Leana did super well, napping at the most convenient times and being happy and sweet when it was appropriate. :-) 

All in all, the surgery is pretty straightforward and simple, but we are sad over the fact that her recovery will be much more painful due to many more muscles being gone through at this particular entry. Particular prayer would be requested that it wouldn't be too traumatic for her and us. The surgery is scheduled for noon here tomorrow.

Today was also filled with a couple fun memories. We decided to be brave, and went to a sushi restaurant for the first time for lunch. Our only regret is that we hadn't done it sooner! It was simply amazing.

This afternoon, after all her Pre-op was done, we turned some local botanical gardens. It was relaxing, refreshing, and gorgeous! Maybe someday, we'll just come to BC for a vacation! It's that nice!

Vancouver-Bound Again

In just a few hours, we again board a plane to take our little girl to Vancouver for surgery. It's hard to believe it was almost 6 months ago that she underwent her heart surgery. She has recovered SO well, and in her follow-up exams, the Dr's say that her patch looks perfect. We praise the Lord for such clear answers to pray.

In some of her follow-up chest x-rays after her surgery, another birth abnormality was found - something called a vascular ring. It may or may not cause problems in the future, but as a precaution, her surgeon would like to fix it.

That surgery is scheduled for Thursday, and we would appreciate you lifting up Leana and the surgeons during that time! Though this is not nearly as serious of a surgery, our hearts are still hurting at the thought of Leana having to go through anything more. A speedy recovery and not much pain is what we are really longing for!

We're hoping to also have some good, memory-making times as well. We are coming up on our second anniversary next week, and plan to do some special things while in the Canadian Rockies. I'm sure my camera will be very busy!

Happy 1st Birthday, Princess!

Three years ago...

...on this very spot, Joel and my pathways crossed! Now, three years later, we are a ridiculously happy family of three!
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