Summer Snapshots

At a rather unique garage sale this last Spring, we picked up an iPad. Among it's many handy uses in our home and travel, it's given me a new motivation for daily writing. My trusty paper journal is still in its drawer besides our bed and is pulled out on occasion, but life recently has not allowed for the 30 minutes I usually spend in deep pondering and writing each time I pick it up. Along comes this handy journal app, and coupled with my fast typing speeds, I'm finding real enjoyment in recording the little treasures and milestones each day brings.

It's really forcing me to daily acknowledge with gratefulness all the blessings God has poured on us. That's a good thing, let me tell you! Especially when dealing with not so easy days, it's easy to forget how much I have. 

Want to take a little picture walk with me through a few of those memories of the last while?

Gardening. We had a very harsh winter this past year, and a season that stretched almost a month late. This picture was taken over a week into JUNE when we were finally able to plant our little plot. My wonderful husband tilled, and helped me plant the majority of it. So wonderful, especially as I was dealing with a two-week long virus at that point. And yes, he is carrying Leana in the Ergo baby carrier! 

At another garage sale last Spring, a lady was just setting out dozens of planters at the end of her driveyway. We stopped to look at them, shocked to find out she was GIVING them away! These three are my favorites of them all. I am SO enjoying all the flowers I was able to fill our deck with this year.

My little garden girl. She loves playing on the deck while I'm hanging out laundry or watering my planters. She is truly the joy and sunshine of our life!

We've had several interesting storm systems come through this year. This one didn't do any damage, fortunately, but one of the next ones held severe hail that literally left piles on our deck and a very sad looking garden. Despite how hopeless it looked, it has recovered quite well, and all that I lost in the end was a few cucumber plants.

I love the rainbows God brings after storms - be they physical storms, or ones in our life.

Summer deliciousness. Especially when it is shared with family!

Fun, FUN baby times!

Special times with Daddy!

Saskatoon picking for the first time in my life!

And the simple, amazing joy of just being together as a family!


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