Book Review: Trim Healthy Mama

Those who knew me in my single days are probably thinking, "What? Andrea's doing a review on a health book? Has she gone nuts, or crazy... or....what?" "That Manitoba cold air must have really gotten to her head!" "This is not the person I once knew..." and on and on with such disbelieving thoughts swirling through their heads. 

Ok, I'll be the very first one to admit I am not a health freak, and I probably never, ever will be. I've treaded too many waters in my short life of 27 years to find that title even desirable. Nevertheless, the last few years have brought about circumstances that I think have finally allowed me to leave behind some of the negative experiences on healthy living I've had in those said 27 years, and find out what is right for me and my new family. The biggest thing that has shaped that? Hmmm...probably becoming a mom! :-)

After a very challenging, and in looking back, rather debilitating 3rd trimester with my firstborn, not to mention topping the scales with 50 pounds of weight gain, I knew I had to take my health in my own hands, and be very proactive with taking care of my body. I knew the statistics out there. 10-15 pounds weight gain with each baby was not an option for me, especially considering that I very definitely envision myself with a large family someday! (And not large, width-wise, mind you!)

After several months postpartum of some success, but nothing I felt I could maintain long-term, (read guilt-laden-bondage and LOTS of time) this book was released by two very amazing sisters out in TN. Written by mom's, and for ladies in the child-bearing years, I felt I had in my hands the answers to so many struggles and questions I had wrestled with over the years. I wanted a lifestyle that was not extreme, one that included all the food groups the Bible endorses, one where I did not feel like a matyr for the cause of health and well-being, one that would not consume my life, and most importantly, one that I felt good on and that worked. After 5 months of implementing the principles Serene and Pearl lay out from their countless years of study, I know I've found it. 

I'm not a purist by any stretch of the imagination, and I'll be the first one to admit I don't follow this plan 100%. A more accurate figure would probably be in the  60%-70% range, and yet it's changed my life in a very positive way. Every last pound of that baby weight is gone, and I feel amazing. I don't feel deprived, I don't feel consumed, and most of all, the things I've learned are principles rather than laws that are very easily incorporated into a normal lifestyle, rather than a crash-fad diet. 

With that, I'm going to stop. If you are interested in learning more, you can follow this link to read a far better review than I will ever be able to write. And if you're not the slightest bit interested, rest assured, this is not going to turn into a health blog! That's just. Not. Me. ;-)

I may throw in some recipes here and there, but that's going to be the extent of this topic. :-D And all those of you not the slightest bit interested, I'm hearing a collective sigh of relief. That's ok. I've been there. :-)


  1. Enjoyed the review Andrea, Your enthusiasm caught me eye and had me follow the link :)... Though my childbearing years are over, I am thrilled there is a balanced, no nonsense something out there for regular folks on the subject. (and something for sisters in Christ)
    I have always appreciate Peal and Serene's views and reviews (they intro'd me to red palm oil way way back --good stuff too :)... and I always enjoyed their writing and suggestions. You made a great case for the book. I hope it is as beneficial for others as it has been for you. I'll certainly pass it on as well.
    I had meant to write you and let you know I had been praying for your dear 'lil wee one. She is so very pretty... and i'm sure,, just as sweet. I am thankful too, that all went well.
    God is so good! Happy Spring/Summertime!

  2. Congratulations on being back to post-baby weight! Glad you found something that is working in a positive way without feeling overloaded.

  3. I am just curious...are there special foods you have to eat when following this book? You know how some books have a plan/program etc...but you have to nearly go broke to lose weight??? LOL! =) Thanks for sharing!!

  4. The core of this plan is just good old protein, fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains. They have many dessert recipes that use Truvia for sweetener which is rather spendy, but just using NuNaturals white stevia extract powder works well too. A good protein powder is also good to have, as a plan approved thickener. Many things are optional, and in the recipes that do ask for special ingredients, a little goes a LONG ways! They have a special section for budgeting and doing it an economical ways for a family. I have found our food bill is a little higher, but a lot of that's been because I've been buying quality fresh foods, rather than lots of pasta, potatoes, and white rice. Make sense? The blog post I linked to has a much more information than I can give here.

  5. Thank you Andrea! That was very helpful! =)


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