A little child shall lead them

A few weeks ago found us in Winnipeg for an evening of African music. And not just any type of African music, mind you! This was special... As special as each one of the 22 children that formed the traveling choir.

Around us were several familiar faces. Many of our friends had also traveled to the city to take in the annual event. In front of us were familiar faces as well. Familiar, not because we had seen them before, but because in their eyes were the reflection and twinkle of vibrant childhood. Bright eyes shone out of ebony faces, and the slightest recognition and glance was rewarded with a dazzling white smile.

These weren't just any children. These were Ugandan orphans. Having lost their parents through disease, war, or desertion, each of them had a story. A story that tugged on the heartstrings of every person in that auditorium.

As the evening of music and traditional dance unfolded, so did those little live's tales. Stories of pain, of hopelessness, and feelings of rejection. They had seen more in their short lives than any child should have to.

Here's the good part of the story though. They had also seen and experienced hope and redemption. Through the work of children's villages started by believers with a heart for the underprivileged of Africa, these children could say they had found love, acceptance, a future, and parents who loved them.

Their songs nearly lifted the roof. The energetic, exuberant and triumphant "I am not forgotten, God knows my name" mingled with the tender and heartfelt prayers of "Lord, I need You, Oh, I need You. EVERY hour I need You," finished with the testimony of their personal knowledge that "I am not alone" ministered to me deeply. 

The last couple weeks I've thought a lot about what these little children have taught me. Despite their background, their simple, childlike faith in the loving care of their Heavenly Father is something I need more of. A complete rest in His tender care for me. A life lived, knowing that I am not forgotten, and that God not only knows my name, but every intimate details about my life. He knows all, and yet He loves unreservedly. 

That, my friends, is absolutely amazing. Amazing love.... May I never get over it!


  1. That's so interesting Annie! I would have LOVED to be there!!!


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