Safely in Vancouver

The actual journey has begun. Even in our modern era, I sometimes find it hard to believe we can travel half-way across our country in a matter of a few hours. From the snow covered, frigid temperatures of pancake-flat Manitoba, to the ocean-side, moss-covered, rainy and mountanous British Columbia, all in under 3 hours. Mind boggling, really.

We are glad the flight is over. I usually greatly enjoy flying. It happens seldom enough in my life that it's always felt like a bit of a fun adventure. This time it's an adventure in a way, but one we'd really rather skip.

Leana loved the airport, and the fact that she was no longer regulated to her car seat. She was quite proud of herself that she could now sit upright in her jogging stroller like a big girl instead of being in her snap-in car seat. Round and round we went while waiting to board, her charming every single person she managed to make eye contact with by her contagious grins. She is such a friendly people person that I'm even constantly amazed, not to mention the strangers she meets.

Boarding time came, and all the stimulation and activity of the day left us with a very tired baby. Leana despises falling asleep while in our arms, and this time was no exception. We struggled with her quite a bit, but finally she cried herself to sleep. It lasted about 40 minutes, and then she woke up with a start, almost immediately turning a scary shade of blue. We stood her up while she continued her panicked screaming, feeling completely helpless. At fast as I could, I started nursing her, and she soon calmed down and pinked back up. I don't think I realized until after the fact how much that scared me. I was glad I was sitting down at that point, because I struggled with nausea and lightheadedness for the next five minutes. This was only the second time we had seen any signs of her heart condition, and I'm glad, because it was certainly not an experience I would like to repeat.

We hired a taxi which took us to our home for the next two weeks. It is an Easter Seals house, and while it's nothing fancy, it is quite serviceable. We have a small kitchenette and table, plus a bigger kitchen and lounge we have access to. A Safeway is right across the street, and the hospital is within easy walking distance. We really have nothing at all to complain about.

Overall, I have to say that the day was a pretty emotional and stressful one for me. Coupled with a lot of small frustrations and lack of sleep, I felt completely at the end of myself in many ways last night. I guess that's just where God wants us to be, though, and I'll accept that as a reminder to lean on Him. I need Him just as much those times I don't feel I need it, as when trying circumstances stretch me to the limit.


  1. Glad to hear you made it safely! Praying that little girl will go through surgery without a hitch! God bless!

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