Release Day!

NO more tubes and wires!
We're sitting in our room, watching our happy, squirmy, giggly girl enjoying herself in her hospital bed. The transformation that has occurred over the last two days boggles our mind. Before going further, I just have to report that we are being discharged in a few hours here. Yup. You read that right. Three days after her surgery!

Outside of a few complications, the rest of Tuesday was a breeze. Leana slept most of the day, and so did we. The emotional aspect of this whole surgery really hit both of us in a physical way, and Tuesday felt like recovery day for all three of us. 

Around noon, Leana took her bottle well, and after that really perked up out of her sedation. After that was when the few challenges began. She was too sore to be held and nursed, and refused the bottle for nearly 24 hours. We were able to force enough down her to prevent her having to go back on significant IV fluids, but just barely. It was exhausting spending hours, forcing a resistant baby to swallow little drops of milk. 

First smile, and I caught it on camera!
Around 7:00pm shift change came, and we ended up getting the nurse that had spent most of the previous Friday with us in pre-op appointments. Her name was Joy, and it fit her well. She only had two patients that evening, and she gave her one-on-one attention to Leana the many hours she needed it during the night and wee hours of the morning. Between trying to feed her, comforting and soothing a VERY gassy baby, and being an emotional support to me, she was all-around amazing. I could have squeezed her to death when her shift change came. 

Right around that shift change I had a screaming baby on my hands for well over thirty minutes. We were all at the end of ourselves as to what to do, and it was finally decided she would go back on a small amount of morphine. It ended up being good timing, as the Doctor came within the hour to pull her chest tube. After that incident, we had a completely different baby. Within an hour, we had our first smile!

Dr. Gandhi - her wonderful surgeon removing the final line. 

Her final chest x-ray!
The rest of the day yesterday we found we had to keep Leana on Tylenol or we had a pretty cranky baby on our hands. Other than that, though, we could truly say she was sweet! At the night progressed, so did she, and by bedtime, we were being told that unless she took a downward turn, we would be released on Thursday. 

Wednesday also held her follow up Echo, ECK, and chest x-ray. They all came back great! We were really concerned her response to the chest x-ray this time, but they ended up being able to do it laying down, and she didn't make a fuss. 

Reading with Daddy l
Leana has a follow-up appointment on Monday, and until then, we have been offered the beautiful, empty house near the ocean of some local friends of ours to stay in, plus a vehicle. There are piles of things to do here in Vancouver, and if Leana continues to do so well, we plan to do some fun touring. (Yeah for a stroller that also turns into a bed that she is VERY comfortable in!)

We are truly praising the Lord for His sustaining hand through this challenging journey, and for His hand of quick healing upon our little girl. We are very much looking forward to this weekend of reconnecting as a family, and enjoying these few days of "vacation" that have been dropped in our lap. The timing could not be more perfect....

Oh, and we're also tickled about the fact that we missed one of the worst blizzards Manitoba has seen in years.... ;-) Two feet of snow in one fall? Um, I'll take some rain instead, thanks! :-D


  1. Amazing the difference a shift change can make, eh?? I never realized what a crucial role a nurse can make in a baby's ability to recover. A good nurse may be just as important as a good doctor.

  2. Hurray! Hurray! Praise the Lord! It's interesting how God knows when we need vacation, isn't it? He's good!

  3. SO true, Britt! Overall, we were blessed with very good nurses, and during the hard, needy times Leana had, she had the best ones! :-) SO grateful!


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