British Columbia

It's Sunday evening, and we are finding it hard to believe Leana had open heart surgery just six days ago. Other than not being able to put lots of pressure on her chest, we cannot tell a difference from the little girl we had exactly one week ago. We are in awe at how quickly she has recovered!

Her follow-up appointment here in Vancouver is tomorrow, and in the meantime, we have been enjoying ourselves to the fullest in one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited! Seriously, if you have never visited the Canadian Rockies, put it on your bucket list!

We have been staying in the beautiful home of some friends of ours near White Rock, BC. The ocean is just a few minutes drive away, and last week before Leana's surgery, they took us out dolphin watching in their 45 foot yacht. This was my first time seeing the ocean, and even though the rough waters prevented us seeing any dolphins, I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

The day after discharge, we went to do more ocean touring, and also visited a large aquarium here in Vancouver. There I got to see a dolphin for the first time, a baluga whale, and many other things. Leana did so well, watching the sights from her stroller, and napping there when she wanted. We couldn't have asked for a happier baby!

We spent the entire rest of the that day walking along the ocean. BC has incredibly strict laws in place regarding trees, and though it seems a bit over the top and silly, it's pretty amazing the amount they have been able to preserve even in the city. Right downtown there are miles of tree filled beach walks, lined with coffee shops, french bakeries, and fine dining. All with the backdrop of both the ocean and the mountains. Breathtaking!

In talking to the locals, we found out that the beautiful, clear weather we had both Friday and Saturday is fairly rare this time of year. Temperatures are mild, but usually very rainy. To have our two freest days absolutely gorgeous was a special blessing from the Lord!

Saturday morning was a bit cloudy, so we decided to hit the famed Granville Island. Full of artists, crafters, and every kind of ethnic food imaginable, it's easy to kill several hours there. We found the most fun in going around to the different food stalls and finding small portions of this and that to try, most notably french macaroons, and falafel. Local fish and chips also made it's way into our stomachs! 

The weather cleared beautifully that afternoon, and we hit to the road for the mountains, driving on the 'Sea to Sky Highway,' up to Whister - one of the best ski slopes in North America. Of course skiing wasn't on our agenda this time, but the drive in itself was worth the two hours it took to get there. From islands, and oceans bays, to the crystalline peaks of the Rockies, every turn on the road brought a new breathtaking view!

We arrived at Whistler a few minutes too late to take in their peak-to-peak gondala ride, but it was probably just as well. We are $120 richer for that small mistake. :-) Crazy what they charge for things here! Whistler held many of the winter olympics in 2010, and given the opportunity, I would definitely come back here to ski. It looks amazing... 

Our drive back into the sunset was just as beautiful from a totally different angle. The rugged beauty of these peaks is just a small reminder of what an amazingly awesome and creative God we serve! We are incredibly grateful that this trip has turned out the way it has, with so many neat blessings sent along with an otherwise trying time. 

Thanks for following along in this journey. We're still not sure when we will get home. For right now, BC has gots it's fingers pretty tangled around our hearts. :-)


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