Over and over again

This week as the enormity of what our daughter was facing hit me, my sister-in-law shared this song with me. She started with the disclaimer that "I don't know if this is your type of music or not, but I couldn't stop thinking of you whenever I heard this..."  Though admittedly, Southern Gospel hasn't been at the top of my list for favorite music styles, this song got played 'Over and Over' again that afternoon, through tears, and an eventually encouraged heart that God's faithfulness can be depended on.

It can be depended on when the trials in front of us seem like Mount Everest.

It can be depended on when what we're asked to go through something that seems impassable, like a flooded and stormy river.

It's there when we can't see the next step ahead of us for the tears that blind our eyes.

It's there when questions loom large and threatening, and fears taunts us with it's jeering possibilities around every corner.

It's there when we don't feel like we can go on anymore.

Over and over again, when we fail to trust God implicitly, His faithfulness picks us up, and over and over again He shows Himself strong.

"It's through every trial, each test and temptation, There's one thing that's sure every time...
Jesus is with me, So I'll claim the victory. Over and over again."


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