Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

How many of you know this man of mine? Quite a few of you, most likely, and those of you who don't, you're sure missing out on a blessing!

Today he turned 32. Today, we've known each other for a little under 2-1/2 years. What a change those 2-1/2 years have brought to my life! Sometimes I wonder what my life would be now if it weren't for Joel, and the tremendous influence and impact he has had on my life. 

Oftentimes, I think Proverbs 20:5 sums up his character pretty well. "Counsel is the heart of man is like deep waters..." 

Just from the surface, one can't always tell how deep a lake is. It's not until you get out and explore it that the enormity of the water that you're swimming or boating in hits you.

Joel is like that. Humble and unassuming on the outside, but a man of rock solid depth and wisdom in the inside. His security in the love of God and his claimed position in Christ has been one of the biggest personal blessings to me. 

I tend to be a very performance based person, and all too often, this tendency translates into my relationship with other, and my walk with the Lord. Joel's example in this way has done more for the relational and spiritual side of my life than any other person I've known. The stability and confidence he's brought to my life is quite remarkable when I look back at the changed person I am from 3 years ago. 

Another thing that gives me so much security, is that he's not afraid to be a needy man before me and the Lord. He doesn't claim to be perfect, and he doesn't try to give that impression to me or anyone else. He has an ear and heart bent to the promptings of God in his life, and when I'm tempted to distrust his judgment or advice, all I have to do is listen to him bare his heart before God, and my confidence in his decisions is completely restored. Is that because they are always perfect? No, but because he's seeking the heart of God, I know they will turn out alright.

I love watching him as a daddy. I've tried my hardest, and I don't think I can recall a man who is as involved in his daughter's life as much my Joel is. I've said to many people that I think he's given her more baths than I have, and I don't doubt that it's true. Watching that evening daddy/daughter ritual of bath, pamper, jammie and snuggle time melts my heart every single time

I can't count the times when, knowing she's been fed, he gets up with her in the night, rocking her, playing, or changing her diaper, just to give me more rest. It happens so often I feel guilty sometimes! But I don't stop it - I love watching how much they love each other.  Leana's little world lights up when her Daddy comes home, and I'll admit that mine does too!

I've never met a man that loves perusing garage sales, but Joel does! If fact, he enjoys most shopping, and this has given us so many amazing times of just being together. Recently, we headed to Winnipeg for a day of shopping, just because it sounded like fun. I treasure times together like that. 

I love how he asks me if it's alright if he goes and does an activity without me. Instead of grabbing his hockey gear with no thought and heading out the door, he finds out if I'm up to a few hours in the evening by myself.  I treasure that thoughtfulness so much! 

There's SO much more I could list, but I'll stop there, lest you go weary of my love-struck babbling. :-) Yup, he's my best friend, and the man I want to walk beside for the rest of my life! I love you, honey!


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