All things... Pt. 2

The day for Leana's heart appointment dawned as one of the coldest yet in our winter. A small snow-storm had blown through the day before, leaving the road rather snow-packed and slippery, and to top it off, it was going to be my first time driving to Winnipeg without Joel. I had a bit of shopping I wanted to do as well, and as Joel couldn't take off work, I asked a nearby friend to come with.

I looked forward to the day quite a bit, and had no worries at all about Leana's tests. Routine appointment, routine exams... We'd be in and out of there in no time, and this would soon be something we would forget all about.

Costco got walked through and their samples tasted, the thrift stores browsed through, and baby gifts shopped for. I'll spare you the chaotic story of driving and parking in downtown Winnipeg, but suffice it to say, we made it to our appointment 10 minutes late. :-)

An ultrasound of her heart from all angles was the first on the list, followed by an Echo, and ECG. We were then directed to the waiting room. A few minutes later, the pediatric cardiologist called us back into the ultrasound room, wanting to do a few more tests on her. He spent quite a bit of time on a couple particular shots, then started asking questions about family heart history, and her behaviour when exerting herself or upset.

At this point I started to realize this was going beyond a routine exam, and the visit in the cardiologist's office afterwards confirmed my suspicions. Our little girl has a hole in her heart, known as a Ventrical Septical Defect, (VSD) and most likely would have to face open heart surgery in the near future. The doctor wanted a second opinion though, and said he would send her test results to a surgeon in BC for further evaluation.

I was impressed with his kindness, the amount of time he spent with me, and his overall attitude. This was definitely another good experience that helped my tainted view formed by some of the medical experiences I had already had.

I left there not feeling terribly concerned. Leana had not shown any of the symptoms the Doctor had mentioned, and quite honestly, he didn't act as if it was too serious. I figured the hole must be closing on it's own, and that the likelihood of any action needing to be taken was slim. Therefore when we got the call the next week that they wanted to fly us out to Vancouver four days later for her surgery, my world felt like it crumbled a little bit.

Reality hit at that point, and it hit hard....


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