All things... Pt. 1

I was excited to see a forwarded e-mail from my honey in my inbox that morning from Canadian Immigrations. My permanent residency paperwork had been submitted for over 10 months, and we were expecting results soon! I expected this would be the e-mail informing me that I could complete my landing in Canada, and we could be done with visas, forms, medical expenses, and a host of other things.

My confusion was pretty high as I saw it only contained yet another form for an immigration medical exam. I had already done this exam few months after we were married and shortly before submitting the inch-thick pile of forms and documents necessary for immigration. Upon inquiring, we learned my exam was only good for one year, and because my paperwork was not processed yet, it had expired, and I needed to redo it.

I'll admit, I was pretty upset at first. It wasn't our fault that the paperwork hadn't been processed more quickly, yet we were left with the responsibility to travel to Winnipeg again, and pay again for the expensive medical exam which included x-rays and needles, and was generally just a hassle. Top this off with a recent upsetting doctor visit where I had not felt cared for and listened to, I was about all fed up with Canada at that moment.

My work got done with a rather stormy attitude the next hour, as I struggled with feelings of injustice, and frustration at yet another delay. A lot for us personally was dependant on my paperwork coming through in the next 6 weeks, and now it looked like it wasn't going to happen.

Thankfully, I was able to schedule the exam yet that week - a small miracle in itself as Canada's medical system tends to be pretty backed up. Leana woke up with a mild fever that morning, but seemed well otherwise, so I wasn't too concerned. All three of us headed to Winnipeg, deciding to throw some shopping into the day as well.

I was impressed first off when this doctor recognized me from a year ago, despite the thousands of patients she had seen in the meanwhile. That was just the tip of the iceburg, as her personal touch and caring attitude continued through the whole exam. The medical concern that I had previously felt was ignored with my other doctor was taken seriously by this one, and dealt with that very day. A BLESSING, as she felt I was on the verge on ending up with something serious!

I casually mentioned that my daughter wasn't feeling well, and I was surprised to see the doctor pick her up and give her an exam as well. She paused for several seconds while she was listening to her heart, and then took her to the exam table for a more thorough inspection. After a couple more minutes, she asked us if we were aware that Leana had a heart murmur? That was news to us, but she quickly eased our concern by saying that many babies have them, and they usually outgrow them, but to be on the safe side, she was going to refer us to a heart specialist.

We left that office with my much-needed antibiotics, and a referral for Leana. As my concerning symptoms vanished and Leana's appointment was scheduled, I felt that conviction again that God truly does not allow things to happen for no reason, and that He was trustworthy. A seemingly pointless doctor visit gave us needed information, and was a reminder to me that God is always for us, and has our very best in mind, even when circumstances seem so different than what we would prefer.


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